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Helping Ukraine

I want to donate money to help Ukraine, where should I donate to?

There are many recognised charities/organisations that have set up various appeal funds that are actively collecting to help Ukraine, including the charity partners that make up the Disasters Emergency Committee.

We are administering the Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal on behalf of and jointly with our Ukrainian Churches and community organisation partners in the UK.  Money collected is sent to the following three registered and accredited charities working in Ukraine to support their priorities and immediate needs:

  • AICM Ukraine Foundation (Association International de Cooperation Medicale)

  • The Ukrainian Red Cross Society

  • Caritas Ukraine

The Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal is solely funding humanitarian aid in Ukraine. To donate directly, please visit our Go Fund Me page.

Other Ukrainian organisations in the UK collecting funds to support Ukraine include:

  • The Embassy of Ukraine’s With Ukraine platform has been set up to consolidate international efforts in raising funds to provide humanitarian support to Ukraine and its people.

  • The Ukrainian World Congress has established a Unite with Ukraine appeal which is coordinating global efforts to provide medical kits, protective equipment and communications systems for Ukraine’s defenders.

  • British-Ukrainian Aid is fundraising for medical supplies, first aid kits, transportation and critical services. (Charity Registration No. 1164472)

  • Ukraine Charity has sponsored many projects to help underprivileged children in Ukraine and is now fundraising for emergency medical supplies for Ukrainian hospitals (Charity Registration No. 1163036)


Can I donate medical equipment or supplies for safe transportation to Ukraine?

The Ukrainian Medical Association in the UK (UMAUK) is collecting and arranging transportation of medical equipment and supplies to Ukraine. However, please note that the UMAUK is collecting very specific supplies from UK hospitals and NHS Trusts. Check before sending by writing to:


Can I donate funds towards protective equipment for Ukrainian volunteer/territorial defence forces?

The Ukrainian World Congress has established a Unite with Ukraine appeal which is coordinating global efforts to provide medical kits, protective equipment and communications systems for Ukraine’s defenders.


Where can I donate food/clothes to help Ukrainians in Ukraine, or Ukrainian refugees who have fled and are now based in Eastern European Countries?

The key priority is for financial donations so that charities can use these funds to provide the right type of aid at the right time. However, there have been thousands of collections taking place across the country. Please check for details in your local area. 


I would like to donate a specific service or items for the newly arrived refugees (computer equipment, education, employment, counselling, therapies, transport, or any other forms of assistance). 

Please write to us by completing our contact form.

Sponsoring a refugee or providing accommodation

On 14 March the government announced a new sponsorship scheme allowing UK residents to sponsor Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine and offer a safe haven in the UK. Anyone in the UK can register on the government’s dedicated portal, Homes for Ukraine. To be eligible for the scheme, the Ukrainian refugees need to have been resident in Ukraine prior to 1 January 2022.  For further information see:

I have registered on the government’s website to offer accommodation. Do you have a list of people who need help that you could match for me or, if not, where can I find the details of the people seeking refuge?

AUGB is not offering a matching service. There are important safeguarding and other checks that need to be made in matching sponsors to refugees.  We recommend that you register to be matched up with a Ukrainian refugee/family by visiting the charity Reset UK or another registered organisation. There is more detailed information here.


I have found someone on social media who is offering to match up Ukrainian refugees with sponsors. What should I do? I just want to help these poor people and am beginning to be put off by having to wait?

We are aware that there are many social media sites trying to help match sponsors with Ukrainians wishing to come to the UK. To ensure proper safeguarding and protection for both sides, we recommend that you contact a registered charity or organisation working in this area, such as Reset UK or Refugees At Home.There is more detailed information here.

Information for displaced Ukrainians

How do I find a sponsor in the UK?

For your own safety and protection, we recommend that you contact an established charity or organisation working to match displaced Ukrainians with sponsors, such as Reset UK or Refugees At Home. You can find more information here.


How do I find housing in the UK?

Under the sponsorship scheme, your sponsor will undertake to provide you with accommodation in their home for six months. If the relationship breaks down, the local authority is required to step in and help. There are many registered organisations offering accommodation, which include Refugees At HomePositive Action in Housing and the No Accommodation Network. If you are worried about becoming homeless, you can contact your local authority or Shelter, who can provide advice and signpost you to emergency accommodation.


Where can I obtain legal immigration advice specifically relating to Ukrainian refugees?

Various UK legal firms have teamed up to provide pro-bono immigration advice under the Ukraine Advice Project UK, which is staffed by qualified immigration lawyers.

What are my rights whilst being a Ukrainian refugee in the UK?

These are set out in this very helpful Welcome guide produced by the Government.


I am and/or my child/children are traumatised by the war that we have witnessed. Is there anybody that I can talk to about it?


Support is available from a number of charities.

  • Barnardo’s, a children’s charity, has set up a dedicated Ukrainian Support Helpline with access to interpreters in Ukrainian and Russian. Their helpline hours are Monday – Friday 10.00am - 8.00pm and Saturday 10.00am - 3.00pm. You are encouraged to contact them either by phone on 0800 148 8586, by email or by completing their online form.

  • The British Red Cross has information about a range of support services. They have a helpline on 0808 196 3651, which is open daily between 10am - 6pm, and you can ask for an interpreter if you need one.
    Support is available from a number of charities.


How do I contact the Association of Ukrainians?


Contact our Head Office team here

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