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Chai Club is not on this week, it will resume as normal next week.

Chai Club не працює цього тижня, він відновить свою роботу наступного тижня.

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Home office visit April 23rd 11am - 3pm

Our next drop-in session on VISAS AND IMMIGRATION ISSUES is now scheduled for April 23rd taking place at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre.
Безкоштовна консультація з візових та іміграційних питань відбудеться 23 квітня з 11 до 3ї години в Українському Культурному Центрі. Без попередньої реєстрації.

Tea Club🌻Chai Club

We would like to warmly welcome all our newly arrived Ukrainian friends and their host families and cordially invite them to the recently established tea club.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all newly-arrived Ukrainian friends & their hosts, to come along to the newly formed Чай Клуб 🌻Chai Club.


Thursday (starting 7th April)

Ukrainian Cultural Centre NG5 2DP 


Dear all,

In view of the situation in Ukraine, we will be re-starting the orchestra and singing group.

This will give us several opportunities to raise funds for Ukraine. It is imperative that we preserve the Ukrainian culture, and therefore, invite anyone to join us.
If you, your family, friends, or anyone you know of would like to participate, please invite them along. As you know, we have an open door policy, regardless of age, ability, or ethnicity. ANYONE wishing to promote Ukrainian culture is welcome! There is no upper or lower age limits.

Knowledge of the language is not required. Beginners welcome.

The rehearsals will be taking place at the Nottingham Ukrainian Cultural Centre on Friday evenings from 7pm commencing on 1st April 2022.

For any further information, please contact Sue Lyalushko at

The invasion of Ukraine is, according to the man behind it, a war all about history. President Putin has been explicit in his - highly contested - view that Ukraine is, and has always been, part of the Russian nation. So ideas about the past are crucial to what happens on the ground. As Europe endures its first major war of the millennium, Edward Stourton and a panel of guests explain the steps that have led to the conflict. They explore the deep history of the origins of the Slavic nations and the myth-making around it.

Listen to a BBC interview here:

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